Call for an appointment: 215.794.3224

Call for an appointment: 215.794.3224



— Yuval Y.

Dr. Leventhal and his staff are extremely patient and kind and timely. When patients walk into the office, they are greeted with a warm smile, and a familiar face. The staff and Dr. Leventhal always remember

me and my dental history. I feel safe and taken care of.

Traditional Dental Arts and Technology to create beautiful smiles

Honesty Integrity Quality

32 Years of Service in Buckingham New Hope and Doylestown

Thanks for considering our dental practice. We believe dentistry must utilize both traditional and cutting edge methods to create great treatment outcomes. Our patients rely on us to sort thru the latest advances to make these decisions.  Many loyal patients are happy to have made us their choice for 32 years. We are committed to being excellent at what we do by providing the highest quality of dentistry. 




Paul Leventhal, DDS - Cosmetic dentist practicing forover 30 years in Doylestown, Buckingham, and New Hope
Paul Leventhal, DDS - Cosmetic dentist practicing forover 30 years in Doylestown, Buckingham, and New Hope

Dr. Paul Leventhal has been in Buckingham for 32 years and has built a fine reputation for honesty, integrity, and quality with a pinch of humor in a friendly office atmosphere.  His practice is recognized as one of the highest quality dental offices in the area. Some would say, "Small Town dentistry  with Big City skills" ...  And we are proud of that reputation.   We work very carefully to make your investment in dentistry last as long as possible.  : )

Vital statistics:

*  SUNY at Buffalo 1982-1986

*  Univ of Tel Aviv Faculty Practice (resident) 1986-1987

*  Private Practice with Dr. Donald Leventhal, SI,NY 1987-1994

*  Buckingham New Hope Doylestown 1988-present (32 years ! )

*  Academy General Dentistry 1986- present

*  American Dental Association 1986- present

*  SPEAR Education in Scottsdale Az - 60+ hours CDE

*  Kenya Dental Clinic 2006- present    Learn More

*  Eckert Study Club Doylestown Pa. 1988- present (where the real learning happens)

Dr. Leventhal has also completed more than 1,200 hours of certified continuing dental education , taking courses in smile design, crown and bridge, implant placement and restoration,  porcelain veneers and full mouth rehabilitation.



Dr. Leventhal brings his wonderful staff and years of experience to work every day. He combines the mechanics of great dentistry and the artistry in dentistry to create a smile that is both beautiful and natural looking and of course, long lasting. 



Our results speak for themselves. These patients face their mirror every morning and are greeted with a smile that lights up a room.... imagine that for just one minute....great dentistry can do that for you and last for so many years. In some cases, our smiles have lasted far longer than I had even imagined!!!

An old bridge redone for a bright new smile. Notice how her teeth look so natural.

A sports injury resulted in two dead front teeth. One had to be crowned and the other totally removed and replaced with an implant, an almost perfect match.

Old veneers were replaced and the new veneers look perfect.

Another great smile, so pleased with the result.

Making a smile for a young man must be done a bit differently. Notice the shape and personality of his teeth.

You can see Terry's testimonial on our website. This treatment method is a remarkable and very interesting way to remake a persons full dentition. Ask me about it.

You are never to old to have a pretty smile. Elin was 78 years old when I fixed her smile. She is 88 now and still looks great. Why not!

Antibiotics at a young age can permanantly darken teeth. They are strong and healthy but need to be veneered to make them look natural. In this treatment, I veneered all the top teeth and added an implant to replace the missing tooth. She smiles with pride now.

Here you see all her teeth looking natural and healthy. We straightened her smile line at the same time.

Another male smile, not so perfect, more square and yet still great looking and perfectly natural.

Her braces were on too long and damaged her enamel. We did veneers for a perfect youthful smile. This work was done by a special lab in NYC.... very high level and expensive.

Dental Veneers Patient of Paul Leventhal, DDS


For New Patients
Once our initial examination is completed, we will discuss all options and decide upon a proposed treatment plan. We can discuss the pros and cons of each choice from a dental standpoint, but ultimately it is up to you to see what fits you best financially. I will always do my 
best for you no matter what treatment option you choose.

Before treatment begins, Gerri, our office manager will go over the fees and the different payment options. She will arrange a payment schedule based on your particular needs. She will offer  payment programs you can choose between ….. a no-interest payment option or an extended payment plan with a low-interest rate. If you would like to review these financial arrangement options with one of our team members in advance of treatment, please call 215 794 3224.



Financial Policy
We usually ask that you pay for services on the day they are performed (we do accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.)  This is especially true for routine cleanings and preventive procedures and those for which insurance only pays a portion of the procedure fee.

Insurance Assistance

Our goal is to maximize your insurance benefits and make any remaining balance easily affordable. At our office, we electronically submit your claim forms for you. Pre-authorization for major work will inform us of the amount of your obligation before treatment begins, thus helping to avoid unexpected surprises. Once we have received your pre-authorization you will be informed of your financial responsibility. Your portion will be due at the time of treatment.  


We will be happy to discuss our different payment options which include 3-month payment plans and 11-month payment plans. While we make every effort to ensure that most of your care will be covered under your plan, there may be circumstances where the best course of treatment will not be covered by insurance or may exceed yearly plan limits.  


Senior Courtesy

For patients requiring major work, we offer a 5% fee courtesy when the payment is made by check or in cash before treatment begins. All senior citizens may receive a 10% fee courtesy when they pay by check or in cash at the time of service.




Gerri, Office Manage, Paul Leventhal, DDS



Office Manager

Gerri, after 9 years is  going to hand the reigns over to Liz. She will be sitting in here and there but we all wish Gerri a very happy retirement after 45 years in dentistry. She should be very proud of that acheivement.   Liz will be handling scheduling appointments, financial arrangements, and insurance claims management.  She has big shoes to fill.  

Gerri is RETIRING !!!! And here comes Liz !!

Lynn, Denta Assistant, Paul Leventhal, DDS


Dental Assistant

Lynn, our Dental Assistant - Lynn has us all beat in years at the job.... over 40 ! With all that experience, she and I will produce terrific treatment outcomes with great confidence. It is so important that an assistant be a mind reader during a surgery, anticipating my every move,  allowing me to concentrate. As we go through our day, she allows me to reach for and attain great quality outcomes that will last many years for my patients.

ellen new photo.jpg

Marci and Ellen

Licensed Dental Hygienists

Their  mission is to have you saying, “that was the best dental cleaning I’ve ever had!” …. Hopefully you will feel that way after a thorough, comfortable  teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, x-rays, non-surgical (deep scaling)  gum treatments, and hygiene instruction. If needed, our hygienists can place antimicrobials to combat periodontal disease, minimizing your need for more comprehensive periodontal care and she can deliver novocaine for more comfortable scalings.  Both women have over  20 + years as a dental hygienist, Ellen is now a clinical instructor in the MCCC School of Dental Hygiene.  We are proud to have such  talented and respected members on our team.





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Paul Leventhal, DDS
Paul Leventhal, DDS
Paul Leventhal, DDS
Paul Leventhal, DDS
Paul Leventhal, DDS
Paul Leventhal, DDS
Paul Leventhal, DDS
Paul Leventhal, DDS


An outreach mission to build bridges

February 2016 - Another Trip to Kenya to work at our Dental Clinic

In 2008, Dr. Leventhal helped build the Andersen Dental Clinic inside the Medical Center in western Kenya. Now, 8+ years later, I still love doing and teaching dentistry there. The clinic operates all year round, most of the emergencies and toothaches are resolved during "regular business hours."  Lots of dental prevention is being carried out on the school-age children. This year, I was asked to do more cosmetic work.  It seems that the Kenyans are quite hopeful to have great looking smiles.