Changing the way you feel about going to the dentist!

21 Year Old Co-Ed

Our friend was in orthodontic braces too long and after 5 years, surface staining turned to decay. Porcelain veneers were made to create a perfect replacement to finish with a gorgeous smile.

Missing Teeth

For a 21 year old girl a smile is everything,   She begins every day with her new smile.

Dark Staining

Dark from Tetracycline staining..... Now after  many years, she can be proud of her new smile.

68 Year Old Smile

When my patient asked me to create an age appropriate smile, we had to use a few artistic tricks to not make her teeth seem too perfect.  What a way to make someone’s day.

Hockey  Player

This man is a very  close friend and I insisted that he "get his teeth fixed"  We all agree that he did the right thing. Vanity is not typical of men but here is a very natural,  masculine smile that he can be proud of.

Smile Gallery


I am often asked, " How long will my porcelain veneers last?” James was a patient of mine in NYC in 1988.  I placed 14 facings on all of  his teeth to cover tetracycline staining. This photo was taken in 2010 ... 22 years later!  I can't promise that they last forever but he and I couldn't be happier with these results. I have many cases that I can say have exceeded the expectations of my patients.  


Another very happy patient.  I created Lydia's smile in 2001 and still marvel at how beautiful it is. She is a stunningly beautiful woman who can smile with confidence and joy.   Long lasting veneers is a testament to our design and execution of quality dentistry at the highest level.