Wonderful, Friendly, Professional

Changing the way you feel about going to the dentist!

Gerri has taken up the reigns from Maryann with great success.  Gerri , our office manager extrodinaire,  has been in dentistry for more than 25 years and is more than happy to help make your trip to our office more enjoyable. She will appoint, follow up, pre-determine insurance benefits and bill you with a smile.    

Lynn, Dental Assistant - Lynn has us all beat in years at the job.... over 30!   With all tha experience, she and I will produce terrific treatment outcomes with great confidence.  It is so important that an assistant be a mind reader during a surgery, anticipating my every move,  allowing me to concentrate.  As we go through our day, she allows me to reach for and  attain great quality outcomes that will last many years for my patients.

Our Staff

Lynn, Maryann and Gerri

Jenna, Ellen, and Marci Licensed Dental Hygienists We are very happy to have on our team, three fantastic, talented women who are  gentle and thorough. They perform comfortable, preventive care including teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays, non-surgical (deep scaling)  gum treatments, hygiene instruction and tooth whitening procedures. They will place antimicrobials to combat periodontal disease, minimizing your need for more comprehensive periodontal care.  Here’s a bit of news…. All three of our hygienists can now deliver novocaine for more comforable scalings.  They have all gone through the required training that allows them to give needles.  Now you have to decide who gives the most gentle needle.  Nothing like a fun office competition…… that’s the spirit !!!!