Office Policies

We offer a complete range of affordable quality dental services!

For New Patients 

Once our initial examination is completed, we will discuss all options and decide upon a proposed treatment plan. We can discuss the pros and cons of each choice from a dental standpoint, but ultimately it is up to you to see what fits you best financially.  I will always do my best for you no matter what treatment option you choose.

Before treatment begins, Gerri, our office manager will go over the fees and the different payment options.  She will arrange a payment schedule based on your particular needs. She will offer  payment programs you can choose between ….. a no-interest payment option or an extended payment plan with a low interest rate. If you would like to review these financial arrangement options with one of our team members in advance of treatment, please call 215 794 3224.

Financial Policy

We usually ask that you pay for services on the day they are performed (we do accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.)  This is especially true for routine cleanings and preventive procedures and those for which insurance only pays a portion of the procedure fee.

Insurance Assistance

Our goal is to maximize your insurance benefits and make any remaining balance easily affordable. At our office we electronically submit your claim forms for you.  Pre-authorization for major work will inform us of the amount of your obligation before treatment begins, thus helping to avoid unexpected surprises. Once we have received your pre-authorization you will be informed of your financial responsibility.  Your portion will be due at the time of treatment.   We will be happy to discuss our different payment options which include 3 month payment plans and 11 month payment plans. While we make every effort to ensure that most of your care will be covered under your plan, there may be circumstances where the best course of treatment will not be covered by insurance or may exceed yearly plan limits.  

Senior Courtesy

For patients requiring major work, we offer a 5% fee courtesy when the payment is made by check or in cash before treatment begins. All senior citizens may receive a 10% fee courtesy when they pay by check or in cash at the time of service.