Dear All,

I want to say a big 'Asante sana' (thank you!) for all your support towards my last trip to Kenya.  I know you will be as happy as I am in the leaps that have been taken in Andersen Medical.  The "Tooth Tour" program has been incorporated  with the AIDS education tour that is being presented  throughout the countryside, and even into Uganda.

Evelyn,  our certified oral health officer,  has proved herself to be a very capable, professional and proficient clinician and educator.  Francis and Geoffrey, the AIDS counselors,  have taken hold of the "tooth tour" and are enthusiastic proponents.


Please take heart in knowing that teeth are being saved, education is being spread,  and hope is being instilled. Our mission is being accomplished! Lots of love and much thanks."


Dr. Paul Leventhal, DDS

February 2012 - Another Trip to Kenya to work at our Dental Clinic

The Andersen Dental Clinic is now 8+ years in operation and I still love doing dentistry in Kenya. This year something unexpected started happening.   Since it operates all year round most of the emergencies and toothaches are resolved during "regular business hours".   Lots of  dental prevention is being carried out on the school age children.  This year, I was asked to do more cosmetic work.  It seems that the Kenyans are quite hopeful to have great looking smiles.

Enjoy looking at the pictures from our trip in February 2012.

Kenya - An outreach mission to build bridges.

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MARCH 2010


Paul Leventhal photographed scenes from the village in Kenya where a group of local dentists have outfitted a dental clinic. Please click on photo to read the full article.

Village in Kenya


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Show - Tell - Do is an old teaching method that works great here in the clinic.  I am instructing our Kenyan dental staff how to place a preventative sealant.

Our visiting dentist, Dr. Hudson, places fillings. Due to supply shortages in the nearby town, he had not done a filling for some time.

Our clinic afforded him a chance to work with some very new modern materials under ideal conditions.

Our experience was not limited to our hospital based dental clinic. Here we are in a nearby village to assess kids from 5 - 12 to receive preventive sealants.  This was done in the local church while the parents were given HIV, diet, health & dental care information.

This very important visit lasted almost 3 hours and was the first time any of these kids had ever seen a doctor of any kind.   Click here to see a short video of our  "Tooth Tour" to the village.

Wherever we go, we are followed by curious kids eager to see the visiting dentists.

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As you can see, Kenya is a gorgeous country.

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During our "Tooth Tour" to this village, we had a chance to wow the parents with visual aids thru the use of my iPad.  Since this was early in the summer 2010, I have little doubt that this may have been the first ever use of an iPad for remote village education and entertainment in the history of the world.

Merci says “hello” on video to Julia Leventhal -  her "big sister" in the USA.

Our hearts went out to Merci, who was born without arms and only 3 fingers.   Her teeth are now all sealed, cleaned and she is totally motivated to brush her teeth every day. When you are born with physical limitations, you try to hold onto and care for everything that you are given.  Merci's smile is so much a part of what she has to count on as she grows up. I was so pleased to have a chance to give her care that can last her lifetime.  Heidi and I  are researching a way to obtain a speech to text computer program for her to realize her dream of becoming a journalist.   She has a certain radiance when she smiles that will take her far in life. 

Heidi Leventhal & Merci in Kenya

Mark in the Dentist Chair

Mark was born with a tooth condition that really disfigured his smile. At nine years old, he faced his mirror every day with saddness and hesitated going to  school from the shame of his appearance. Simple bondings that were never available to this community were done with fantastic results. His mother contacted me the following day to report that he spent the entire morning in front of the mirror. It is very rewarding to be a part of this program.

Mark was embarrassed to go to school with his teeth so disfigured

Dr. Bea Andersen and Mark's mother, who is a supervisor on the Andersen Rose Farm 

Now with his new smile, confident and happy

But there is more work to do ... so stay tuned ...